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Alta's Classes

Master the art of writing in small manageable steps

'Writing Across the Curriculum' courses connect and integrate writing skills seamlessly to all other disciplines.

Master writing skills

through engagement, writing to learn, and writing to create.

Gain confidence

through learning to structure your writing and communicating your message with intent.

Hone practical skills

through written and oral communication.

Write Across the Curriculum

This approach caters to direct student interest through practice in how to write for subjects other than English class.

To achieve success, join writing classes where every lesson includes writing techniques, root word vocabulary, grammar, and poetry that transforms students with ordinary skills into confident communicators.

Teaching writing skills in an engaging manner, educators position students to engage, learn, and create.

I inspire learners to ' wake up , plug in , and switch on ' and join a class.

Explore each of the videos below to discover more.

Wake Up!

Plug In!

Switch On!

Working Animals

The Great Alaskan Race

The Endurance of Ernest Shackleton

Struggling Writers

How I work

What to expect

Cohort Classes

Elementary School Level

Young learners gain confidence in their ability by completing short assignments that build valuable skill.

Middle School Level

During these years students hone and expand their skillsets with additional focus on critical thinking and integrating functional grammar structurally.

High School Level

Students prepare for reading and writing tasks needed for tertiary level study. Expansion of critical thinking and fallacy free logic become a sharp focus. Continuation and integration of functional grammar skills mature to be a powerful writing tool.

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