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1. Register a Family for Class Enrollments

Pay a $5 one time fee to register the family.
Course fee per learner is $125/month which will be invoiced monthly for eight cycles starting October.
The first month is not charged to compensate for the scheduled holidays.

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2. Browse the available courses

There are several availalbe courses. Find the course for your learner.

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3. Submit the registration form

The parent (or guardian) and each learner needs to have an active login on the Learning Management System.
You may however share the same monitored email address - this is compulsory for learners thirteen years and younger.

Please provide any additional information you deem important for your student's success - e.g. IEPs, special accommodations
Please submit additional forms if you have more than on learner to register.

4. Confirmations and enrollments

Once your registration form is processed you will be set up as parent and learners (students) on the Moodle Learning Management System.

You will receive email confirmations for your accounts and enrollment(s).